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Epoxy Resin from a UK company our aim is to supply boat builders with the highest quality marine epoxy resin at the lowest price. Supplying both professional and amateur builders with our own manufacture 2 to 1 ratio epoxy resin system for all applications. We supply Epoxy Resin, adhesives, Free Plans with our epoxy resin kits, fillers, additives, fibre glass tape, epoxy laminating brushes, rollers, latex gloves mixing pots , mixing sticks and all your boat building needs. You can buy at our On-line store and If you need help we are an email or a phone call away

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How to Use our Products

Epoxy resin and other products we supply and how to use them. Make stitch and tape joints, produce scarfs and how to apply fibreglass tape to reinforce joints.

Purchase our products

Our On-line Store here you will find our catalogue , our low prices and a secure method of purchase

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Epoxy Epoxy Resin Kits With Free Plans

Buy our epoxy resin kit and get a fully lofted and detailed plans for free! Canoe Plans, Sailing Dinghy Plans, Dory Plans

How to reach us

Your enquiries and how to contact us.

Customer Builds

Customer projects Using UK Epoxy Resin and Fillers and Fibreglass tapes some built with plans designed and drawn and lofted by me and supplied free with our own canoe and sailing boat epoxy resin kits

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