A Canoe in two halves for All "Blaue Kiste"Günther Hoffmann
 Design Brief : To be practical, easy to transport, construct, cheap to build, safe and comfortable.
 Materials List these amounts are approximate:
3 Sheets (122x244cm) Lauan-marine ply 4mm thick
2 wood strips. 3X2 cm longer than canoe
2 Woven glass fabric (200 grm per m²) in 1m width and 5m length
6.6 kg of Epoxy resin including hardener
2 Bulkhead boards 100x50cm marine ply 12 mm thick
Some basic hand tools and a few screws That's it
As this canoe is 4.5 metres long storage may be a problem however this can be resolved by simply making it in two halves as shown below
 When the two halves are joined as shown below you have a sizable boat
 As you can see you can relax comfortably in half of the canoe even on your own drive
With the two halves sheathed on the outside with epoxy and woven fibreglass cloth and the inside sealed with epoxy a professional boat is starting to appear
 The seats are woven cord and are extremely comfortable
The photographs below show how easy it is to launch and maneuver as good a a Canadian at much less cost 
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