Iain Oughtred

Building the Jeanie 2 Using U K Epoxy Resins and Fillers

Fitting Garboard

With the moulds all set up and the backbone faired up, we can begin the planking.
Fairing the keel, stem and sternpost is a fairly tricky little job, however if the fairing is less than perfect ( -as usual- ) we really appreciated UK Epoxies excellent range of fillers.

Both the garboard strakes are fitted together.

Garboards Fitted
Using plywood clamps

As the planks are fitted these plywood clamps are quick and easy to operate. They cannot apply much pressure, but this is a positive advantage when using epoxy preventing excessive loss of the epoxy from the joint.

The shear strake clamped and fitted.

 Shear strake fitted
Ready to fit external keel

All she needs now is the external keel and stem pieces to be fitted and she's ready to turn over.

With the gunwales on her, the first part to be fitted in the interior is the centre board case, which is tied in with the midships thwart and its knees

This is structurally crucial stuff, so a glue you can trust is essential. The glue joint of the knees can be highly stressed, so the strength of the joint is maximised by priming the faying surfaces with unfilled epoxy before fitting . To facilitate the cleanup operation masking tape is applied along the edges, this can be set about 11mm outside the lines and in from the edges : as the glue is beginning to set off, it is faired up evenly with a wee filleting stick to form an almost invisible but structurally helpful fillet all round.

Ian using UK Epoxy Resin
 I appreciate the lack of the usual toxic seeming smell

UK Epoxy - what did we ever do without it ? probably the same things ....
But I can say I appreciate the good range of fillers and accessories, the generally better and more personal service provided by UK Epoxy Resins rather than the multi nationals it is at least as easy and 'pleasant to use as others I have used '
" I especially appreciate the lack of the usual toxic seeming smell "

The fillers provided by UK Epoxy resins work well, offering the possibilities using the the appropriate filler or combinations, to tailor the epoxy to specific requirements according to the job in hand. Whether it be for maximum strength filleting, fairing or toughness with a degree of flexibility.

 The origional Ness Yawl 19' the Jeanie Henderson

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