"Morgan" 15' 9" x 5' x 2" Beam  Dory Skiff
Designed and Drawn by Rob Hewitt
Built by Dave Lodge Using Our Epoxy Resin System, Materials and Plans

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Cutting polystyrene for bouyancy tanks
fitting polystyrene slabs into bouyancy tank
Using expanding foam to bond foam in place

The images above and to the left show Dave cutting out slab foam for the buoyancy compartments and using pressure foam to fix them in position.

fitting gunwales bonding gunwales with epoxy
last section of gunwale bonded in position

The next three images above and to the left show the fitting of the gunnels these are bonded into place with epoxy and then trimmed flush ready for fitting the capping rails.

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Home built steam box Tiller being laminated

The above images are of Dave's steam box and the Tiller laminations the steam box was also used to produce the curved mahogany capping rails shown below

Centre board fitted laminated Tiller fitted
carved cleat centre board in the raised position

The above images show Dave's Method of anchoring the centre board in the up position

Completed hull

Dave and his completed hull, Just the mast and spars to make and she is ready for launching

Making the oars, mast and spars

Oars laminated Pair of oars ready for shaping

The images above show the roughed out blades attached to the looms ( shafts )ready for final shaping

shaping oar loom to eight sided using a draw knife to shape loom

The images above show the square looms being shaped to 8 sided with a draw knife you can use a plane

planing oar loom to sixteen sided sanding oar loom

The looms are now planed from 8 sided to 16 sided prior to finally sanding round.

The finished spars are shown on the right

spars finished shaped

This Project is ongoing and will be updated as work progresses

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