"Morgan" 15' 9" x 5' x 2" Beam  Dory Skiff
Designed and Drawn by Rob Hewitt
Built by Dave Lodge Using Our Epoxy Resin System, Materials and Plans

Finally the rigging

Carving cleats for rigging

The last of the carving as Dave makes some of the rigging cleats

Bows on Fully rigged Stern View fully rigged

The image above right shows bow on and fully rigged the one on the left is a view from the stern that also shows Dave's modification to the mast with the top pulley sheave and some of the rigging running within the mast

gaff jaws and sprit pole Gaff Jaws

The image above left shows the fully rigged mast whilst the one on the left shows another Dave modification replacing the snotter with gaff jaws

Finished and fully rigged on trailer stern view of fully rigged boat

The above shots show Dave and his completed boat

oars in place showing the sail scandalised

The image above right shows the boom rigging and the finished oar looms the image above right shows the sale brailed or scandalized

Ready to go
mast spars and oars fit inside hull

The last of the images as Dave gets everything stowed ready for trailing as you can see everything fits within the hull.

This Project is ongoing and will be updated as work progresses

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Material Copyright 2000 UK Epoxy Resins