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Pure Cotton Microfibre    
Pure Cotton micro fibres is highly absorbent and thickens resin well. Up to 30% by weight can be added to the resin/hardener mixture. Cotton fibre  acts as a reinforcement and prevents resin starvation in the areas to be bonded. The final hardened mixture has immense strength and can be used in all structural applications above and below the water line. Perfect for strip plank construction.    
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UKR07: 0.1 kg Pure Cotton Microfibre £5.10 Qty
UKR08: 0.3 kg Pure Cotton Microfibre £10.60 Qty
UKR09: 0.5 kg Pure Cotton Microfibre £14.35 Qty
UKR10: 1.0 kg Pure Cotton Microfibre £23.60 Qty