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Mixing and Measuring  
Use our measuring pumps calibrated so that one pump of resin and one pump of hardener is the correct 2  to 1 mix.  
When using measuring pumps ensure that both the resin and hardener are between 15 and 20 deg C as the viscosity of the resin/hardener increases as the temperature drops and may impair the accuracy of the pump delivery  
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UKR28: Mixing sticks (pack of approx 50 ) £3.60 Qty
UKR29: Vinyl gloves ( pack of 5 pairs ) £1.90 Qty
UKR30: Graduated measuring cups (2 at 50 mls ) £2.50 Qty
UKR31: Pump set for 3.75 --7.5 and 15kg packs ratio pre set at 2 to 1 ( 1pair) £14.25 Qty