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  Epoxy Resin Packs    
UK Epoxy Resin is a solvent free system for bonding ,filleting, fairing, Filling and composite construction.  The mix ratio is 2 parts of resin (UKR-137) to 1 part of hardener (UKH-136)   this can be done by weight or by volume using our calibrated pumps . All packs supplied with the correct amount of hardener, see our products pages for application and usage  
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UKR01: 1.5 kg UK Epoxy Resin/Hardener £29.95 Qty
UKR02: 3.75 kg UK Epoxy Resin/Hardener £64.95 Qty
UKR03: 7.5 kg UK Epoxy Resin/Hardener £115.95 Qty
UKR34: 15 kg UK Epoxy Resin/Hardener £215.95 Qty