Project Gallery Using U K Epoxy Resins Products
All of these boats where built using U K Epoxy Resins the images are provided by the individual builders and show in detail just what you can achieve using epoxy resin and the stitch and tape method, there are examples showing plywood scarfing and solid timber laminating.
The 11' 9" Canadian canoe, the 15' 6" Canadian Canoe, the Newburgh Canoe and the 15' 9" Dory Skiff are all my designs and the drawings are provided for free when you buy the resin kit needed to build each particular boat.
The Links below will take you to a photographic description of the construction of each of the canoes or boats.
Peter Spratt " Jimmy Skiff " UK
Iain Oughtreds Jeanie II
Günther Hoffmann Blaue Kiste "Canoe" Germany<  
Mike Hammond " 11' 9" Canoe UK  
Francis Miles "Mangusta Speed boat"  
David Lodge 15' 9" Dory Skiff Morgan  
15' 6" Canadian Canoe  
Newburgh 15' 6" Canoe